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>Before all the men and women out there start freaking out that I’m about to post the pictures of their vaginas and penises and (not respectively…in most instances) and – in some cases – weird monkey fetishes let me be clear that I’m NOT going to do that because I download that shit to my computer as soon as I get it and/or print it out to make a tasteful-yet-functional masturbatory mobile that hangs over my toilet (Patent Pending).

Perhaps I’ve said too much.


This is about my new phone which has a touch screen and a ‘drawing’ program which my kids have somehow found and…

..well..’s what I find on my phone.

I open the drawing program because I needed to draw a penis I think (I can’t remember day-to-day) and realize that there are NINE DRAWINGS on my phone that I did not do…and not a single one of a penis.



I look at the first drawing:

Fuck yeah, that’s right.

#1 Dad.

#1 Dad who lets his kids go through his phone apparently without his knowledge because “Good Parenting = Ignoring your children” and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KIDS PLEASE DO NOT GO THROUGH MY PICTURES OR VIDEOS.

I need to lock that friggin’ thing.

2) Peace Out

The next one I come across is this one:


Yay. Yay for peace.

I’m a Republican so coming across this type of shit just pisses me off.

3) Enter the Comedian

Next up is one from my son:


I’m impressed with what he did here because he was able to combine math, art and comedy all in one fell swoop.

Kind of like how Hitler did it but with less math, comedy and art and more, you know, genocide.

So I guess nothing like Hitler AT ALL.

Speaking of disturbing shit…


So I continue to scroll through my pictures when..

..I find…


Bloody Lake.

So it was kind of like, “Oh look daddy YOU’RE #1! and we should celebrate world peace with maybe some silly humor but DON’T TURN YOUR BACK DOUCHE OR WE WILL KILL YOU KILL YOU KILL YOU DEAD AND THE LAKES WILL TURN RED WITH YOUR BLOOD.



*delete *delete *delete

While I’m at it, I’m getting rid of the pictures and videos, too.

You can all breathe a sigh of relief now.

Glad someone can.

Moog out.

>A Confession to Make

Posted: May 2, 2011 in kids, parenting, religion

>I’m Catholic and when I say “I’m Catholic” it means “I’ve been told I’m Catholic but you won’t see me step foot in a church unless you’re getting married or you’ve died but now that I’m thinking about it you won’t see me if you’re actually dead but then again I’m no doctor.”

But it also means that my kids take Catholicsm classes.

Part of this, for my son recently, was doing his first Confession.



We couldn’t think of anything for him to confess because he’s awesome so the night before, well, we started thinking of things he could say.



During the ceremony they were all, like, “The parents can come up and do confession as well,” but I seriously didn’t have four days to spare sitting there and I wasn’t sure if they’d actually allow pizza delivery.

The fact that we made it into the church without getting hit by lightning is an actual miracle in and of itself.

Excuse me, now.

I have a stageghost to rob at gunpoint.

>Was in a toy store the other day when I saw this:’s Tiger Face Paint for kids!

Then something caught my eye..

Having just watched “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and the “Lethal Weapon 5” video, all I could think of was..


Does anyone else find this, like..weird and racist?


Maybe it’s just me.

Wouldn’t surprise me at all.


If you do not watch ‘Always Sunny’ and have not seen the “Lethal Weapon 5” movie, see it here.

NSFW but OMG Funny as Hell.

Alternate title for this:

Why Sometimes I Love Having Kids

Two conversations with my 7-year old son and 9-year old daughter:

Conversation #1: ARGH!

In the car:

Payton: “Cam has a pirate booty.”

Cam: “No I don’t.”

Payton: “Yes you do! You have a pirate booty. HAHAHAHA!”

Me: “Payton, do you even know what a booty is?”

Payton: “It’s a rear-end.”


Me: “Cam’s right. A ‘pirate’s booty’ was his treasure.”

* pause

Payton: “Then Cam’s bum is a treasure.”


* blink

Cam: “Yeah. My bum is a treasure. A STINKY treasure.”

Honestly…I thought this was going to climax at the part where Payton declares my son’s bum as a treasure but somehow he managed to bring it to an entirely different level.



Conversation #2: Blick by Blick


The three of us are in a toy store called Josh’s Toys in the mall.

We’re looking at an entire row of Lego sets.

Me: “Wow. Look at all these Legos. This kid Josh must sure love Legos.”

Cam: “Well…who DOESN’T love Legos?”

Payton: “That would be most of the Chinese.”

You know, I didn’t even bother to ask any more.

Sometimes, it’s better that way.

>Found this on my coffee table the other day from my son’s magnetic superhero scene kit:

“Sha-BOOM” is right.

Bastard shattered a window with that thing.

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