>A Confession to Make

Posted: May 2, 2011 in kids, parenting, religion

>I’m Catholic and when I say “I’m Catholic” it means “I’ve been told I’m Catholic but you won’t see me step foot in a church unless you’re getting married or you’ve died but now that I’m thinking about it you won’t see me if you’re actually dead but then again I’m no doctor.”

But it also means that my kids take Catholicsm classes.

Part of this, for my son recently, was doing his first Confession.



We couldn’t think of anything for him to confess because he’s awesome so the night before, well, we started thinking of things he could say.



During the ceremony they were all, like, “The parents can come up and do confession as well,” but I seriously didn’t have four days to spare sitting there and I wasn’t sure if they’d actually allow pizza delivery.

The fact that we made it into the church without getting hit by lightning is an actual miracle in and of itself.

Excuse me, now.

I have a stageghost to rob at gunpoint.


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