>It’s Right Next to the University of Vagina

Posted: April 27, 2011 in work, wtf

The place I work (HAHAHAHAHAHA) sometimes teaches classes about the products we sell to our customers.

I’m thinking I should probably take one of those courses because I don’t have a goddamn clue what I’m supposed to be doing here.


So I walk into the lobby the other day and am greeted with this on the front desk monitor:

(click to enlarge all images)

“Welcome, Koc University!”


I could have gone to SCHOOL FOR THIS?!

So of course I go take a picture of the monitor and then say “hi” to my boss on the way up the stairs to start writing this post because if you weren’t paying attention I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT MY JOB IS.

Of course I Google “Koc University” and it turns out that IT’S REAL:

So I start poking around (Koc joke) the site and find crap like this:

Then I see Dan coming into work and OOH HE HAS HIS TOOTH IN! and I’m like, “Dude..look” and point the sign out to him and we laugh and then start this conversation which I’m diagramming because it’s funnier:

Then I find Koc University on Wikipedia and it states:

“Koc University also has very active exchange programs.”


I’ve been thinking of swapping my Koc out for a bigger model anyway.

I hope they accept my transcripts.


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