>Red Bull Gives you (scene of unimaginable violence)

Posted: April 22, 2011 in drawings, I'm an asshole

>Was in the cafeteria at work getting my fifth cup of hazelnut coffee with two Splenda and half-n-half when OMG I JUST REALIZED I’M GAY.


Was in the cafeteria getting my (insert manly type of coffee here) when I noticed this poster:

Red Bull: Recharge Wednesday!


This is supposed to get me to want to drink Red Bull so I recharge and then next thing I know I’m a 40-year old man riding a Razor scooter with my tie flung over my shoulder going “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” through the hallways while wearing an expression like I just got my report card and I DIDN’T flunk remedial English?

Because all I want to do when I see this poster is to run up and shank this guy in the kidney with a homemade shiv.

There. That’s better.

Because, seriously….

If you’re this happy at work, take the day off asshole because you’re making the rest of us miserable people look bad.

Enjoy your weekend.


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