>Shit I Forgot to Write About – Why I Don’t Wrestle and A CAPTION CONTEST!!

Posted: March 23, 2011 in contest, shit i forgot to write about, wtf

>My newspaper kept running a series of High School wrestling photos for, like, two weeks and with every disturbing photo I just kept thinking to myself:

“Thank GOD I don’t wrestle,” and “I’m glad I’m not gay,” and “I’m glad I’m not a gay wrestler” because, honestly, this shit doesn’t look comfortable whether or not you’re doing it for sport.

So since the title of this is “Shit I Forgot to Write About” I have to tell you that I was all ready to have my first ever “Caption Contest” with the winner getting an official “Midget Man of Steel Coffee Mug” but then I forgot to do it so I made up some captions myself.

Think you can do better?

Do you want one of these:

(hint: you can always just BUY ONE you cheap bastard)

If so, just leave your caption in the comments section, I’ll pick a winner and announce it next week.

Good luck!

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