>Cupid in da Hood

Posted: February 18, 2011 in holidays, sad teaching stories, wife

>Even though I’m divorced, my ex-wife and I are still friends which is good because this means that she still sends me crap that she gets from students and their parents at the inner-city school where she teaches.

It’s all about the blog, people.

This Valentine’s Day was no different.

This is the first picture/text message I get on Monday from her:

“Well. First time for one of these as a Valentine’s Day gift”


This is one of those cellophane-wrapped fruit trays you get at the grocery store when you don’t have much money but know you’re supposed to give your kids fruit at some point this month and child-protective services keeps telling you that “gum is not a fruit even if it IS watermelon flavored.”

Granted. It was a nice gesture from someone who didn’t have to get my ex-wife anything…

…but it’s funny to see what they come up with.

Then, I get this:

“Look what one of my kids used as envelopes to put her valentines in.”

Kid at school: “Here you go! Happy Valentine’s Day!!”

Mom at home: “Has anyone seen my court summons?”


The kid needed envelopes so, VOILA! Pretty envelopes that are even a romantic color!

Well, they DO say necessity is the mother of invention.

Hopefully the parent can invent a way to get out of going to jail for not paying these fines.


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