>Big Trucks and the Little Guy Who Really Doesn’t Give a Crap

Posted: February 16, 2011 in I'm an asshole, kids, parenting

>I took my kids to a Monster Truck show because, honestly, it’s a cheap way to spend 3 hours and be able to fraternize with (read: make fun of) that special kind of people you’d only typically see shopping for shovels AND ammo in Walmart while still in their Yosemite Sam jammie pants at 2:30 a.m.


So I took some video because, to be honest with you, there’s something kind of cool about seeing people almost die in giant, ridiculous vehicles and it would be neat to catch that crap on camera and maybe win on “America’s Funniest Videos” or sell it to “Faces of Death.”

Either way I’d be happy.

I took a video of “Grave Digger” and posted it on my YouTube Channel with my 475 OTHER videos that are WAY funnier and within, like, 3 minutes 200 people had viewed this stupid thing:

Seriously – it’s been up, like, a week and it’s one of my most popular friggin’ videos.


Then the comments started coming in.

I love comments.

My reply:

Then another:

YES. You’re right. I think it was Adam. Probably.

(not a clue)

Then the poor bastard tries to clarify:

Then he stopped.

Probably smart of him.

Oooh. One more!!

Who won?


Do people actually keep tabs on this shit?

I thought Monster Trucks were like Professional Wrestling with the same amount of oil but less steroids.

I’m pretty sure I got that answer right.

Maybe I’ll ask Adam.


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