>This Gives "Baby Back Ribs" an Entirely Different Meaning

Posted: February 7, 2011 in spam spam eggs and spam, wtf

>Because I’m a member of the Chili’s Restauraunt Email Club and – also – apparently a huge loser, I checked my inbox the other day and found this little gem from my friends over at Chili’s:

From: Chili’s

Subject: Chili’s soups, salad, chips and salsa out the wazoo!


Soups and salads..out the..wazoo?

Um. Hello? Chili’s?

Maybe I’m wrong, but I always thought ‘wazoo’ meant ‘ass’ so unless your marketing geniuses want me picturing your soup and salad and salsa and OMG TORTILLA CHIPS shooting out of my asshole, I think you need to fire someone or maybe change that to ‘We’ve got shitloads of soups and salads.’

So, just for my own sanity check (HA!) I went to Urban Dictionary and looked up ‘wazoo’:



So now I’m considering writing Chili’s and letting them know that their tens of people on their email list are now picturing nachos streaming out of buttholes when I scroll down just a little bit futher in Urban Dictionary and – I shit you not – see…


Yes. Just above another definition for ‘wazoo’ is a friggin Chili’s coupon for their Queso Dip.

Which, if you’ve had it, makes a beeline for your wazoo.

Should have expected that, really.

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