>Tell Me You Want My Dongle

Posted: January 28, 2011 in friends, kristin stories, work, wtf


The following post contains graphic language and some suggested nudity but basically just written in tech-talk so it will probably all go right over your head unless you really know computer shit and/or are from Bangalore at which point you’ll have to go flog yourself or something (I have NO clue what those Baptists do) after you read it.


And another Instant Message flurry with my friend, Kristin, commences…

So then I got really horny and had to rub one out in the men’s room (third time’s the charm!) and started writing this post because I know I have to work but this blog isn’t going to write itself, boss…

..when I notice this:


Hot. Right?

But I have NO clue what it is but Kristin is one of those teabagging (not the good kind), sandwich-board wearing (not the good kind, either) political freakazoids so I HAVE to ask.

To be perfectly honest I DON’T have a thing for Ruth Bader Ginsburg and actually had to Google how to spell it and a bunch of pictures came up of her including some of her younger years:

Not bad.

Back in the day, I would have totally put my floppy in her access point.

Excuse me now…

I have to go flog myself.

Moog out.


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