>Some Shit I Forgot to Write About – The BloWkus episode

Posted: January 21, 2011 in holidays, shit i forgot to write about, wtf

>Ever have one of those moments where you’re, like, “What the Hell am I going to write my blog about today?” and your boss is all, “Rod, you know we’re in a meeting and you just said that out loud, right?”

Yeah. Me too.

So I came across some shit that I was SUPPOSED to write about but never got around to it so now you get it all in concatenated form and if you don’t know what “concatenated” means then I guess that makes two of us.

This episode:

It’s Less “Blokus” and More “Blow-Us”

So my kids got this game named “Blokus” for Christmas which reminds me of the word “blumpkin” but that would make a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE GIFT FOR CHILDREN.*

*Public Service Announcement

But even though it’s not oral sex while seated on a toilet, Blokus is still kind of cool because it’s like Tetris but without hints of Communism or that stupid song.

They give you all these colored pieces in different shapes that you’re supposed to put together and the one with the least pieces left over wins.

So when you’re playing, it’s supposed to look something like this:

Unless I own it and have, like, 20 minutes free time on my hands.

At which point, you get this:

And, yes, I literally sat there for a while trying to find the best combination of pieces for the best result of what it would look like if Pong had a threesome and somewhere in there is a drinking game.

And therapy.

And a lawsuit by Mattel, I’m sure.


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