>Smack my Face and Call me Aang

Posted: December 29, 2010 in kristin stories, work

>I was bored at work the other day because no one had answered my question on Twitter whether or not pasting Mario Lopez’ hair onto the Ayatollah Khomenei’s head would result in a fatwa against me so I decided to IM my friend Kristin.

Work is hard, yo.

Anyway, Kristin had been complaining that her face hurt around her left eye at which point I assumed that her husband, Jeff, was abusing her which is nothing to be taken lightly, of course, but I was joking around and when joking around, nothing says ‘funny’ like spousal abuse commentary.*


Also this scenario is pretty unrealistic since she could totally kick his ass PLUS even though she’s married to him, Jeff is kind of gay and the best he could probably muster was, like, a semi-hard pinch or something.

So my morning was comprised of an Instant Message involving porn, spousal abuse, and The Last Airbender…and then writing this post.

Then I went back to my Mario Lopez/Ayatollah Khomenei project.

Seriously, am I gonna be in deep shit with the Arab world for this or what?



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