>Have You Peed on a Happy Face Today?

Posted: December 6, 2010 in work, wtf

>This is what greeted me in the bottom of a men’s room urinal at work the other day:


A smiley face.

I get stage fright as it is so, you know, no added pressure here with someone GRINNING AT ME.

So now I’m standing there kind of like aiming for it’s mouth (like you WOULDN’T) and it’s smile is just getting BIGGER AND BIGGER like having it showered in my pee is actually making it HAPPIER so now I’m thinking what kind of person would actually LIKE this?


That kind.

Then I thought this image would make a great greeting card:

..and I told myself I wasn’t gonna cry.

So after I peed on the happy pink urinal cake I of course stood back and took a picture of it FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT and THEN realized after the shutter sound went off that there was a guy taking a poop in the stall next to me and he just heard my camera go off because he did the AHEM cough to announce himself right after and even though I couldn’t read his lips no matter how hard I tried to peer through the tiny slit in the stall door I’m pretty sure I heard him whisper, “..the fuck..?”

Typical Tuesday, really.

Except now I’m in a really really good mood.

Thank you, Mr. Urinal Cake.



I just realized that this is the second time I’ve taken a picture of the inside of a urinal at work.

It’s only a matter of time before I’m reported to HR.

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