>Yes. It’s My Son in a Jesus Ski Mask.

Posted: December 1, 2010 in kids, parenting, wtf

Dear Jesus,

If you want to punish my son for this, please don’t because this shit was totally my idea.

You can also blame Newbury Comics for stocking the thing in the first place.

You can’t go into a store that stocks this kind of thing and then expect a guy to NOT make his 7 year old wear it and then pose for a picture while you send it to random people with the subject line: “IT’S A JESUS HAT!.”

So awesome.

No offense.



I sent my ex-wife a picture of this to her phone.

Me: “LOOK! It’s Cam in a JESUS MASK!”

Ex-Wife: “You better not.”

First she nixes the Iron Maiden ‘Killers’ shirt and now this.

Jesus Christ.


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