>Dry My Hands One More Time..Once is Never Enough..for a Hand Dryer Like You…

Posted: November 29, 2010 in work, wtf

>Was in the men’s room the other day which didn’t happen to be located on the floor I USUALLY work on because I kind of got bored of sitting around and Tweeting and updating my Facebook status and having my boss constantly messaging me going, “Are you actually here today?” and after a while he starts to become annoying so I figured I’d take a walk around the office and then went to a movie but when I came back three hours later I really had to pee.

NOTE: No matter how much of a bargain it seems, a large movie theater soda is just way too big for your bladder – especially if you’re 5’3″.

Where was I?

Oh yeah.

Weird automatic hand dryer.


So after I wash my hands I go over to the paper towel thingy but see THIS on the wall next to it:


But for some reason it was both hypnotic and sexy while being really really familiar to me.


White socks or not, Captain Stubing totally pulled some tail on that boat.

Oh..for reference:

Um. Wow.

Looks like Julie’s attractiveness decided to abandon ship.

Regardless..as close as the Captain Stubing thing was, it wasn’t exact.

Til I found this:

I’m probably aging myself a ton here but when I was a kid ‘Captain and Tennille’ had their own television show and I thought The Captain was cool until one day he took off his sunglasses and..



What the fuck.

It’s like The Captain is somehow the bastard child of Billy Joel and Cookie Monster.

Although, honestly, I’m pretty sure I had the same look on my face when I saw the ‘Now’ picture of Julie from “Love Boat” vs. the “then” picture of her.

Mmmm. Julie THEN.


Now I have to wash my hands again.


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