>Woopie! It’s a Ghostly Banana!

Posted: November 12, 2010 in holidays, kids, parenting

>Before I start I’d like to just thank my friend, Excessive Teenage Marijuana Abuse Back in the 80’s – because without his input there’s no way I’d be able to come up with these stupid friggin titles.

Where was I?


Halloween Costumes.


This year my daughter wanted to be a “Ghost Hunter” because she LOOOOOVES the show ‘Ghost Hunters’ even though we pretty much crapped all over the show in this video:

My sincere apologies to Amy Bruni here because I never thought she’d watch that (and SHE DID) otherwise I wouldn’t have put in the part where she basically shits all over herself, cosmetically speaking.

I’m sorry, Amy. I’d still totally do you if that makes you feel any better.

Right after I nail Kris Williams.

So my daughter wants to be a ‘Ghost Hunter’ for Halloween so my ex-wife looks at me and says, ‘You’re the creative one’ (um..hello? And AWESOME ONE) so I went home with a bag that included a shirt, a hat, and 14 different fabric paints and spent two days making this kickass thing:

Also, ladies…

I can cook.

*women everywhere reading this begin to slide off chairs

And then after I was done doing this and I put my vagina away for the winter I had my daughter try on the finished product:


So that took care of my daughter.

Two days, a shirt, a hat and five different fabric paints later.

Please. Hold your applause. I know I’m awesome.

Meanwhile..my son’s choices for Halloween…

A knight?


A vampire?





So after I finished laughing in the middle of the Halloween store I was, like:

Me: “Cam..are you SURE you want to be a Woopie Cushion for Halloween?”

Cam: “Well..there IS one other thing I want to be.”

Me: “Yeah? Okay..what is it?”



My son went around Halloween night dressed as a banana.

The bright side?

I didn’t have to touch a single bottle of fabric paint.

That’s my boy.


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