>Let’s Rewind the Tape!!

Posted: November 1, 2010 in karate, kids, movies, parenting, videos

For my regular readers (YAY, FIBER!) you know that I take karate classes.

You will know this from:

The time I entered a karate tournament with my son.

The time I beat Jesus in one-on-one combat at said karate tournament.

The time I shattered my hand in karate.

The time I broke my hand AGAIN in karate.

Yes. I broke it TWICE.

My regular readers also know that I don’t learn from my mistakes.

Hey…my hand still hurts but the Jesus thing makes it all worthwhile.

That’s what she said.


On Friday nights my son and I go to class, gear up and fight other people.

Violence = male bonding.

But since I have BOTH my kids on Fridays now, my daughter is reluctant to come along.

So I came up with THIS brilliant idea:

Me: “Payton, why don’t you run the VIDEO CAMERA while Cam and I fight.”

Payton: “REALLY?!”

Me: “Yes. It’s important. That way, we can review the video to see maybe where we went wrong.”

She loved the idea. I actually loved the idea. To be able to review your mistakes and missed opportunities (like golfers do) and make corrections for next time.

Until I saw what she taped.


Thanks, honey.

That should really help hone my skills for my rematch against Jesus.

That’s what she said.

Nope. Still doesn’t make any sense.

Moog out.

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