>Pumpkins, Ghosts and Maybe a Bit TOO MUCH Heavy Metal

Posted: October 29, 2010 in holidays, kids, parenting

>Just a little insight into being the father of a 7-year old boy and a 10-year old girl around Halloween.

The Pumpkin Carvings

So the kids and I bought pumpkins to carve and paint for Halloween and since my kids have been on an Iron Maiden kick lately (because it’s never ever too early to listen to your children sing along with a song about a man stumbling upon a Devil worship ceremony in the middle of the woods and then sacrificing shit) I had this inspirational carving:


So then my daughter and son painted their pumpkins. I’m going to ignore the fact that that sounds dirty because JESUS CHRIST THEY’RE JUST CHILDREN!!

My daughter’s:


Me: “Aw. It’s a ghost? What’s her name?”

Daughter: “Ghost Girl.”

(minus 12 points for lack of creativity)

Then I look over at..


..my son’s..



This kid has issues.

So after I finish shitting my pants I look at him and go:

Me: “Oooooh, Cam. That’s wicked scary. What’s his name?”


Son: “His name is ‘DARK SATAN.’




My little brown-haired doe-eyed boy named his pumpkin “Dark Satan.”

TOTALLY appropriate for a 7-year old.

A 7-year old who listens to Iron Maiden.

Meh. I guess that makes sense.


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