>Oh, Crap…I Made a Mistake

Posted: October 20, 2010 in kids, wtf

>Before I start today:

I am the featured blogger on “Questions for a Blogger” on Studio 30-Plus.

It’s incredibly funny.




My daughter and I were in a drugstore the other day trying to score some Oxycontin without the use of force/Michelle Obama masks when she picks up something called “Crazy Erasers” in the school supply aisle and shows it to me.



Crazy Erasers?

More like WTF ERASERS.

Kind of weird..a package of erasers that look like toilet parts.

Wait a minute…

Is that…

You have got to be kidding me.


Not kidding.

It’s an eraser in the shape of a giant load of crap.


So I kind of stand back and look at the size of the toilet and the size of the eraser shit pile and that lowly little eraser toilet paper pile thinking ONE ROLL IS NOT GOING TO CUT IT, FOLKS.


I’m in a fucking WALGREENS PHARMACY looking at erasers shaped like John Goodman’s stool sample after visiting Mexico.

I didn’t get them for my daughter because she tends to eat her erasers.

And, no one needs to really see that.



So, I went to the house to pick up my kids the other day and there is my son showing me the pile of crap eraser that his GRANDMOTHER BOUGHT HIM.


The question remains on whether he actually ASKED for said giant-pile-of-poop eraser..or she was just out shopping and thought to herself:

“You know what my grandson would like? An eraser shaped like shit.”

I’m gonna guess he asked for it.

I hope.


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