>Do Ya Feel Lucky, Google? Well Do Ya…Punk?

Posted: September 22, 2010 in I'm an asshole, wtf

>I’m on Google the other day and searching “Typhoid Fever” (don’t ask) when I notice…


I’m feeling lucky?

Color me crazy but if you’re Googling ‘Typhoid Fever’ it’s either because you know someone who has typhoid fever or YOU have typhoid fever from that crusty girl you sat next to on the airplane or you have to do a report on typhoid fever and unless you stand to inherit a shitload of money from the person dying of typhoid fever then I’m pretty sure you’re NOT FEELING LUCKY.

Then I started thinking about other things you’d Google when this wouldn’t be appropriate.

I think this is a hands-down case of ‘not feeling lucky, Google, you asshole. I have AIDS you prick.’

Jesus, Google.

Could you be a little more cruel?


The morning after ‘Google of shame.’

But on the flip side:

Forget Google, dude.

You update your Facebook status and Tweet that crap.


FYI, I also tried Googling ‘My vagina’ here but nothing comes up and OH GUESS WHAT apparently our IT Department checks our history so now all those geeks think I have a vagina.

Which is okay because I’m getting MUCH better tech support now.


And then I closed my browser after Googling “I was used by a guy” and “I have aids” and “typhoid fever” and “my bum is” and “I need to quit gambling” and “my balls” and went back to work.

And didn’t get fired.

I guess I am feeling lucky after all.

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