>Cue the "Jaws" Music

Posted: August 30, 2010 in kids, wtf

>I got this text from my ex the other day:

“Cam’s New Goggles.”

I open the picture to find this:

So I’m guessing when he swims around with that thing on it looks like this:

That’s SO COOL unless it happens in that scene from “Jaws” where the kids have the cardboard fin and they pop out of the water and there are, like, 20 boats around them and all these rifles are pointed at them and let’s all thank Christ here that Dick Cheney wasn’t on one of those boats because we’d be looking at two dead kids clutching a cardboard fin and one Hell of a lawsuit from the Actor’s Guild.

That’s right.

Dick Cheney could have been the downfall of Stephen Spielberg.

You heard it here first, people.

Where was I?



So now I’m all thinking what ELSE could we put on the top of these goggles?!?

Some thoughts:

..because nothing says ‘funny’ like a drowning.

Or this:

This is on or around the time I get angry emails from the people washing ducks.

Or..for the retro crowd:

That last set of goggles also comes with accessories!!


Maybe we’ll just stick with the shark ones.

Those are cool, too.


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