>The Silent Coffee Table War

Posted: August 16, 2010 in kids, parenting, wtf

When my kids stay at my apartment…

(codename: Chez I-can’t-believe-I-now-live-in-a-goddamn-apartment)

..they pack with them games and dolls and toys and to be honest with you it’s really ruining the ‘Swinging Bachelor Pad’ vibe of my place even though the cute little hamster in the pink cage with the giant Habitrail set pretty much does that already.

She’s so cute!

I wub her! Yes I dooooo!


So, the other morning I wake up on the sleeper sofa because the kids take my bed when they come over because all I could afford was a one-bedroom apartment (thank you, outrageous child support payments!) and look over wearily at my coffee table and see this:




So my kids had somehow set these things up so that they look like they just got into some kind of weird doll/toy argument and why would anyone want a stuffed animal thingy that looks so goddamn PISSED OFF?

So it got me thinking about what they might have been arguing about.

Of course.

Who knew my trailer-trash discounted coffee table could be such a hotbed of tension?

Probably my little hamster.

She’s so cute and smart and..

I’ll stop now.


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