The Prophetic Tea Bag Incident

Posted: July 7, 2010 in kristin stories

I know what you’re thinking about the title.

You people are SICK.

This is why I love you.

Well..not so much “love” as “want to do that funny swirly thing to you.”

I think they’re the same.

My friend, Kristin, handed me one of the tags from her tea the other day.

It read:

“The beauty of life is to experience yourself”


Kristin: “Does this mean I should go home and masturbate?”

Me: “Yes. Yes it does.”


Me: “Your phone has a camera, right?”

The beauty of life is to experience yourself.

How prophetic.

Apparently, “life was beautiful” for me at about 10:15 last night as I watched “Super Ninja Doll” on Cinemax.

Oh yeah.

Life was also beautiful for me in the shower at the gym this afternoon.


Helpful tip to the guys out there:


That’s not shampoo on the floor.

By the way folks, the fact that Kristin received this via “tea bag” has not escaped me.

It’s how my mind works.

I can’t help but picture that shit.


Now I have to go experience myself.

Life is beautiful once again.

Third time today.

I’m gonna need to start using some type of lotion.

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