Family Circus Goes Taboo – Billy Wants Dolly

Posted: June 14, 2010 in drawings, wtf

And the war with Family Circus rages on.

If you haven’t seen my first two ‘Family Circus’ issues, click here and here.

But this one is NOT my fault.

I opened the funny pages the other day and I see this:


Oh, oh Billy.

You fucking crack me up you oval-headed dwarf of hilarity.

So I’m looking at the cartoon of Dolly showing Billy her perfume when I look just…

..a little..


What perfume is she holding?


The fuck?

She’s, like, six years old, right? What the Hell is she doing with ‘Taboo’ perfume?

Then it hit me:


Either that or her mother is but I think that’s all over the neighborhood anyway.

So I then went ahead a Googled ‘Taboo perfume’ but the closest I could find was ‘Tabu Perfume’ so I’m guessing there were some Copyright infringement lawsuits going on but the ads were really fucking racy so I just modified them to fit the scene:


What the fuck, Bil Keane.

My KIDS read the funnies.

Actually, when they get to Family Circus it’s less ‘read the funnies’ and more ‘what is this terrible, terrible shit?’ but whatever.

Your comic should be taboo.

Yeah, I said it.


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