Ripped from the Headlines!! A Normal College Night for Me

Posted: June 11, 2010 in ripped from the headlines, wtf

It’s time for another episode of:


* cricket

You people are real jerks sometimes, you know?

Today’s news clipping:

Rottweiler Puppy Eats 8 Golf Balls

BOXBORO, Mass. — An 8-month-old puppy is recovering from surgery after eating eight golf balls, Boston television WCVB reported.

Wally’s owners said the Rottweiler pup started acting weird last week. He eventually threw up three golf balls, including one that was wrapped in a sock.

But when the dog still was acting strange, Wally’s owners took him to the Boxboro Animal Clinic.

“Lo and behold, there was another five golf balls sitting in there,” Veterinarian Stewart Bleck said.

Wally underwent surgery to have the other five balls removed.

Wally’s owner Julianne Bonfilio said some friends like to putt around golf balls at their home, but they never noticed that the balls were disappearing.

Bleck estimated that the balls had been in the dog’s system for about a week.


Jesus H. Christ.

Stop the presses! We have a blockbuster here!!

Not to be too painfully obvious here, but…

A dog ingesting balls?

How is this news?

Isn’t this pretty much what happens after Last Call at every bar on the face of the planet?

Desperation, thy name is “3 a.m.”

Just sayin’.

Moog out.

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