Buggin’ Jesus

Posted: January 21, 2010 in movies, religion, wtf

I think this one cement’s the deal.

What deal?

Me. Going to Hell.

THAT deal.

If the Wii Bible Adventures video that I made wasn’t enough…

..I now present you with a NEW video that – upon completion – even surprised me in the fact that I wasn’t stricken by lightning while making it.


If you get offended by someone making fun of religion and shit, you may want to skip this post…cuz I think you’ll be coming with me to Hell by sheer proxy.

FYI: First time I ever heard the term ‘by proxy’ was when Richie married that chick on Happy Days when he was overseas in the military and Fonzie stood in for him.

The more you know.


Holy fuck I’m older than shit.

Whatever. You’ve been warned.


The idea for this actually came from sitting in a cube constantly with my friend, Kristin.

She will, from time to time, see something and go:

Kristin: “Oh my God.”

(she watches a lot of porn at work…HR take notice)


Kristin: “Good God.”

..to which I reply in a deep booming voice:


Then we laugh and it never gets old.

To me.

I’m irritating.

But that premise gave me the idea for a video.

Of course.

Here you go…in all it’s blasphemous glory:

Buggin’ Jesus.


* cricket

Feel dirty now?


Just think how I feel.

And, yes…

Jesus owns a Snuggie.

Shout out here to Lilu for that creative gem.

It’s only a matter of time before I’m excommunicated.

I hope they do it by proxy.

I’d LOVE to meet The Fonz.


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