Doodler Dandy Does Dallas Part Dos

Posted: January 11, 2010 in drawings, the annoying shit I do, work

Can’t wait to see the searches my blog come up in after THAT title.

My dad is creepy.


Since it turned out that many of you out there are closet doodlers (FBI, take notice), I’ve decided to follow up my first Doodler Dandy post with another one.

Because, yeah…

I’m a doodler.

Only 11 more steps to go.

I’ve digressed.

I’ve come up with another group of doodles I’ve found in my notebooks taken during some of the meetings I’ve been in at ‘work.’

I put ‘work’ in quotes there because saying I’m ‘working’ is like saying Sarah Jessica Parker ‘is attractive.’

Sure, the effort might be there…but there’s NO way she’s pulling that shit off.

Let’s see what we’ve got this round.

(click to enlarge any image)

Ah, yes.

Because nothing screams ‘I’m paying attention in this meeting’ better than a completely detailed drawing of a mutated Japanese monster who’s riding a tornado.


Oh, I got this one.

Here, I can tell that we were obviously discussing ‘Release Notes’ (not to be confused with instructions on how to masturbate furiously) which led me to write ‘RELEASE NOTES’ in a cool block-text format with shading and all kinds of cool shit which then segued into a drawing of a nose-less Satan wearing a puffy pirate shirt and – of course – a caterpillar wearing giant goggles.

* cricket

I thought I had that one.

Guess not.



Buddha sitting on a banana split.



Before I show you these next ones, let me preface it by saying that in one meeting my boss had handed out a paper with bar graphs and line graphs and probably some shit that I was supposed to pay attention to on it.

These drawings are the result of me not paying attention.

Shit like this is why I stopped posting my blog on LinkedIn.


I drew King Kong.

Considering that the graph there is about 2 inches tall, I think that’s pretty fucking good.

When the boss hands you a line graph and it looks JUST like a ramp where daredevil motorcyclists fly through flaming hoops and jump over sharks and shit, what are you SUPPOSED to do?


Oh. If you’re answer was ‘pay attention,’ then you were wrong.

Thanks for playing.



You know, the Buddha on the banana split was WAY cheerier.

Note the detail, though, in shit like the pickaxe the climber has AS WELL as my labeling of shit that people would be like, ‘the fuck?’ about if the meeting finished and I just left this shit lying there and they came in and picked it up and were trying to figure out why this person had been hired in the first place.

They’d know EXACTLY what they were looking at.

Tragic mountain climbing scene caused by a vicious people-hating mountain goat.

I know. Probably should have been a no-brainer. Maybe I should have left off the labels.

But I’m addicted.


My name is Rodney.

And I’m a doodler.


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