The Princess and the Frog – now with Cajun Seasoning!

Posted: December 13, 2009 in kids, movies

Just a few thoughts as I sat through Disney’s ‘The Princess and the Frog’ yesterday with my two kids.

1) Watching the previews, the kids are asking if we can go see the Jackie Chan “Spy Next Door” movie.


Not even a little.

I don’t know what the fuck happened to that guy. Watching these previews, I think I’d rather watch Cloverfield again.

So, no. On your own here.

How old are you guys..6 and 9?

I’ll drop you off. Have someone drive you home when it’s over.

Fucking Jackie Chan. What a waste.

2) Jesus H. Christ. MORE SOUP?!?!?

If I see another fucking animated movie where characters make soup or cook or open a fucking restaurant or the movie is about soup, I swear I’m going to kill myself.

Rattatouille…Silence of the Lambs…Despereaux…Gladiator…The Princess and the Frog..

Seriously. Is this how script meetings go for movies these days:

Writer #1: “What do you want to make the movie about? It needs to be a BLOCKBUSTER.”

Writer #2: “Hm. Blockbuster. I don’t know. Soup?”

Writer #1: “BRILLIANT!!”

The fuck?

3) Thanks for including a character that’s Cajun

A cajun firefly.

Like I don’t have enough fucking trouble with accents, you’ve got this fucking thing.

Firefly: “Youza beeen wanttum to be gowing down da riva?”

* blink

My son: “..the fuck..?”

Nice call there, Disney.

You know, when the Cajun Cook was on TV, I accidentally made a pot roast misunderstanding what the fuck he was saying.

Apparently, he was just making gumbo or some shit.

Oh, great.

More fucking soup.

Overall, though, not a bad movie.

Some of the voodoo scenes might be a bit scary for little kids but, hey, fuck ’em…it’s Disney.

They’ll get over it.

Or as the firefly would say:

“Theys uhgonna been geetin oba dat reeeeel soon, yessum.”

Seriously, Disney.

What the fuck.


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