Se coge nuestro país, la parte dos (Our Country is Fucked, Part Two)

Posted: November 9, 2009 in if Spanish is the new English we're all doomed, sad teaching stories, wife

Today I present to you, fine reader…

Further evidence that our country is headed right down the shitter.

Or, in this case:


In part one of the ‘Our Country is Fucked’ series, we learned that the kids in my wife’s inner-city Kindergarten class think that letters are actually animals…

…and that some letters make trampoline sound effects.

That’s just great.

You know, I believe it was Whitney Houston who said it best:

I believe that children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way”

Great words, Whitney.

However, I’m assuming that the children you’re talking about don’t think that the letter ‘C’ actually has feathers.

Today’s post, though, isn’t about the children.

Oh, no.

It’s about my wife’s teaching assistant.

She also speaks very little English, so you know these kids are in for a great learning experience.

The United States Education System: Not helping your children even a tiny little friggin’ bit since 1997.”

So my wife is at her desk doing paperwork…

…and can hear her assistant working with some of the kids.

Her assistant is giving the kids a letter, and asking them to say words they know that begin with that letter.

She starts with ‘A.’

Juanita: “Cho..what ees a werd dat stahts whit de letter, A?”

(English translation: “So, what is a word that starts with the letter A?”)

The kids come up with the following words:

  • Alphabet
  • Apple
  • Alligator

After every word the kids say, Juanita writes the word down on a large piece of paper.

This is where my wife looks up.




Here is an actual photo of what my wife saw when she looked at what the TEACHER’S ASSISTANT wrote down on the paper:

  • Alfabet
  • Apple
  • Alegator

* sigh

I guess getting 1 out of 3 words spelled correctly isn’t that bad.

You know…

For an infant.


I meant for a ‘niño.’

Gotta get my Spanish straight if I’m ever going to make it in this world, apparently.



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