Objects in the Rear View Mirror may be my Bare Ass

Posted: October 15, 2009 in sex, tmi thursday, wtf

It’s kind of a TMI day here on Mental Poo.

Saying today is a ‘TMI Day’ here is like saying it’s “Annoying Bitch Host Day” on the Rachael Ray show.


Can someone stuff a sock in her mouth, please?

“Yumm-O! That was sure delishhmmmfffmmffff…”

Yay! It has been quieted!

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

A while back on Lilu’s blog, I made a comment on one of her TMI Thursday posts.

The comment was in regards to an incident that happened back when I was in college.

Yes, there were colleges in the 80’s.

And no, we didn’t study hair bands and leg warmers and shit like that.

That was High School.



The comment I made on her blog has morphed into this post.

BUT, instead of TELLING the story…

I’ve decided to SHOW you.

A rare, Mental Poo…


* cricket


My last Mental Poo movie involved stop-motion animation and an up-close look at my boss’ testicles.

The things I do for you people.

This one is essentially the same, yet completely different.

However…YOU WILL NEED SOUND for best effect.

(if you can’t view the embedded video, click here)


That happened.

Honey..if you just watched this, yes…once upon a time I did have sex with people.

It was fun, if I remember correctly.

But..yeah…that’s what happened.

I’m getting all busy like…probably had some part of her anatomy near a part of my anatomy (again, this is all trying to recall what sex was like)

And then…outside the window:

A Rear view mirror tied to a stick pops up.

I’m, like:

“Mmm..oh..oh yeah…does this go there?…maybe if I push harder it will give…oh..oh yeah…huh?…what the..? What the fuck is that?!”

I see my friends in the mirror all staring at me.

When they realize I see them…

* Rear view mirror goes down


I laughed.

If I recall, the girl was laughing, too.

In fact, I think she was laughing BEFORE we saw the mirror.

I miss the 80’s.


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