The Conversation Piece #2 – The Birthday Wish

Posted: July 29, 2009 in wife

This is “Conversation Piece #2” – for the first one, click here.



Last week was my wife’s birthday.

I remembered this for two reasons:

1) I actually FORGOT it two years ago

(that was a bad, bad day in the history of me)


2) I put it in my Calendar at my work email with a reminder

Fucking ay, that’s right.


Fool me once..shame on you.

Fool me twice..holy shit, I must be a fucking idiot.

So..the morning of my wife’s birthday, this conversation happened:

(scene: wife is barely awake…sitting on couch…drinking first cup of coffee)

Me: “Hey..happy birthday.”

Wife: “Oh. You remembered this year.”

* inserts shiv into my kidney

She’s awesome.

You know…dishing out the digs.

Me: “That was TWO years ago.”

Wife: “Was it? Fine.”

At this point…I slink over to the couch…

…give her a kiss…

…and say…

…in my best ‘how you doin’?’ voice:

Me: “Hey…you excited? You get birthday sex tonight.”

She looks up blankly at me from her coffee.

* blink

Wife: “Um…it’s MY birthday…not yours.



Me: “Well..that was your present.”

* blink

Wife: “Great. Another year I get nothing.”

* sigh


Happy Belated Birthday, hon.

I’ll be upstairs in a minute…there’s something I have to take care of first.

Do you remember which channel was Cinemax?


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