Push Start vs. Pull Start

Posted: November 17, 2008 in friends, I'm an asshole, spam spam eggs and spam

Yet another shining example of why I won’t win a Noble Peace Prize.

At least in the Middle East.

Here is an IM conversation I had the other day with my buddy John.

Please, people – no Jihads.

Thanks in advance.

If you hate intolerance of other cultures, you might want to skip this.

I think I failed that class.

Probably because the teacher had a f*cking accent.

(we were in the middle of talking about working out)

midgetmanofsteel: so, I’m doing wrist curls with the olympic bar, kneeling over a bench (forearms on the bench, wrists over)

midgetmanofsteel: ..and they’re starting to cramp up…so I drop the bar the 6 inches or whatever on my last rep.

midgetmanofsteel: I stand up, and this Indian guy is rushing over to me all frantic looking.

John: lol

midgetmanofsteel: I’m, like, “hey..what’s up?”

midgetmanofsteel: he’s like, “OH – I HEARD A BIG BANG!! YOU OKAY?”

midgetmanofsteel: um..yeah. I’m okay.

thanks, Mahatma.

John: lol

John: did he smell bad?

midgetmanofsteel: OHMYGOD

John: they all do at my gym

John: it’s nasty

midgetmanofsteel: he was in the locker room BEFORE he went into the gym and smelled like he’d just run all the way from Bangalore.

John: had the italian sub smell going?

midgetmanofsteel: lol

midgetmanofsteel: yep

John: nasty isn’t it

midgetmanofsteel: god – really nasty.

John: I might have to keep a can of Axe body spray on me so I can hose them down

midgetmanofsteel: What?! Then the chicks will be all over them!

John: true

John: I would’ve said, I dropped this weight due to this foul smell

John: it has just gotten really strong, any idea what it is?

John: don’t you have some suicide vest to wear or something?

midgetmanofsteel: LOL – I think that role’s delegated to the Al Qaeda guy we got in here.

midgetmanofsteel: seriously – you’re working in a computer lab. you need to wear the f*cking towel?

midgetmanofsteel: Christ, I don’t go around wearing my First Communion suit.

John: lol



A discussion about working out digresses into a diatribe about how smelly Indian people can be.

Somehow, I don’t think I’d make a very good Democrat.

Oh – by the way…

…the title of this?

It’s the punchline to this part of the IM conversation:


John: dude you know the difference between a dot head and towel head?

midgetmanofsteel: no – what?


Now you know.

I’m getting a Jihad, aren’t I?

I knew it.


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