Foiled Again

Posted: August 28, 2008 in about me, wife

Tomorrow is my birthday.

I’ll be 40.

I’m sad about this.

Apparently, my penis is also sad and has been for a while…

…because he hasn’t lifted his head up in a long, long time.

I bought myself a present about a month or so ago…anticipating that I would somehow actually survive to see my 40th birthday.

Let’s check her out one more time:

Hey! Look!

My penis is up!!

Honey…I’ll be home in about 40 minu…


He’s sad again.

I need to get him some Prozac. There has to be SOME type of pill to get him out of this funk!

My son got the privilege of naming my motorcycle.

Me: “Okay, Cam. You get to name her. What’s it gonna be?”


Cam: RD.…

Me: “RD? What’s RD stand for?”

Cam: Racing Motorcycle.”


Me: “Let’s go work on your phonics.”

Last week my wife handed me a large, light package, saying:

“You’re getting one of your presents early, because if you want it by your birthday I have to give it to you now.”

I opened the gift, revealing this:


A homemade creation of paper towel rolls taped together and covered in Reynold’s Wrap Aluminum Foil.

Turning 40 truly IS majestic.

She then handed me a card telling me that I’d have to make a choice on what TYPE of item I’d need to get.

The pictures explained the gift that she made.

Let me show you:


She’s getting me a new exhaust…because I told her the stock one wasn’t loud enough.

Since it’s nothing I could actually OPEN…she made me one out of cardboard and aluminum foil.

How f*cking creative is THAT?!?!?

Crazy Creative. That’s how.

Today, I told her that I wasn’t going to buy the new exhaust, though.

I read some reviews that said that it wouldn’t be much different than stock…

…and to go through a full system would cost about $1000.

So, discouraged that she has potentially gotten me nothing…

…she sent me a photo today of my NEW birthday present:


I liked the first one better.


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