Nation on the Move

Posted: July 18, 2008 in vacation

See ya in a week.

That’s right…

…having very little money to spare, the wife and I have decided to abandon our children and head off on our very own vacation without them.

Don’t worry…don’t worry…

We’ve left the lights on the closet, and they have plenty of water and some dried kibble (we went all out and got “Lamb Flavor”).

Parenting is easy when you have enough storage space.

Don’t worry:

THERE WILL BE POSTS NEXT WEEK (see below for an explanation).


Being proud members of Red Sox Nation (suck it, Yankees!) we have a duty to follow the team around like little bitches every year.

Last year it was to San Diego.

San Diego’s Motto:
“When this place ain’t on fire, it’s pretty nice!”

This year, Seattle.

Seattle’s Motto: “Smells like fish”

Ironically, “Smells like fish!” was also the motto of a girl named Lana I went to High School with.

Lana fun fact: Lana, spelled backwards, is “anal.

Just sayin’.

So – I’ll be off for a week.

I’ve decided that I’ll do a Travel Log of my daily activities.

This differs from the “Travel Log” my wife takes with her and usually gets us stuck as security for, like, an hour.

The thing is, I won’t have access to a computer to post them.

So I’ll write them all today, date them for posting next week, and see how bad it can get.

It’s like a game of “Guess the Future” but the future is all sucky and shit.


In the meantime, also feel free to browse around here…head over to “Moog’s Movie Reviews” for some light reading…enjoy yourself…

..and once in a while…

…check in on the kids, please.

I have NO idea how long that kibble is gonna last.

Moog out.


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