You Bruge, You Lose

Posted: July 15, 2008 in awards, movies

Two things today, and then I’m out of your hair.

Like a mild case of head lice.

#1: In Brooges…In Bruggies…ah, F*CK IT.

My brother-in-law, Derek, has bestowed upon us yet another movie review over on “Moog’s Movie Reviews”.

This time, he reviews:

“In Bruges”

Starring Colin Farrell.

Derek also gives us the correct pronunciation of “Bruges”

…unlike Colin Farrell…who gives us NO clue as to how to pronounce his first name.

As such, I always call him “Colon.”

This pisses him off, and he no longer brings me homemade banana bread because of it.

But, whatever – I always thought his baking skills sucked almost as much as his acting skills.


#2: I think “Pico” means “Gay”

Practically Joe from Practically Wisdom has given me the following award for my ability to blow him without dragging my teeth.

Wait..wait..wrong Joe.

Regardless, Prac Joe gave me this:

It’s called the:

“Arte Y Pico Award”

What. The. F*ck.

Although I appreciate awards as much as the next guy, I can find no actual motive for supplying me with an award that makes me feel like I should go sew something and then buy a dildo.

Since I DON’T want to be like f*cking Barack Obama and HAVE to learn f*cking Spanish, I decided to plug this into my Spanish-to-English translator.

She was mad at me until I decided to use lube.

HA! Kidding!

Lube is for quitters.

It turns out that:

“Arte Y Pico” = “Art and Tip”

Oh!! Thanks for clarifying!!

Of course, I’m just kidding – I appreciate that recognition…

…and I know Prac Joe had NO idea that this award was given out to members of the “Eating My Corn on the Cob the Long Way Club” (“EMCOCLWAY“, for short).

But I bet Joe knows.

The other Joe.

When I go get my other award from him later, I’ll ask him.

Thanks, PJ!

Moog out.


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