Jeremiah Rubs His Bullfrog

Posted: March 27, 2008 in kids, sad teaching stories, wife

Jeremiah and I have a lot in common.

My wife, who is a second grade teacher, emailed me yesterday.

She teaches at an inner-city school (her contract includes provisioning for a new flak jacket every year)

…and the kids don’t speak English very well…

…if at all.

Actually…neither do most of the other teachers.


She handed out the kids a paper to fill out…

…asking them to describe their daily routines.

Simple enough.

Here’s Jeremiah’s day.

Pay attention to his strict morning routine:

I know what you’re thinking:



“In the morning I wack off and make my bed and…”

Except for the “make my bed” part, I could have written this.

Although, I would have included either:

“…and wash my hands and…


“…and refill the tissue dispenser and…”

But this isn’t about me.


We’re not quite sure…

…but we THINK he meant to write “wake up”.

In any event, we now know more about Jeremiah than we really needed to.

Now that he’s virtually a celebrity…if you see him, shake his hand.


…make sure he’s washed them first.

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