Mental Poo-Looza!!!!!

Posted: December 1, 2006 in mental poo looza
It’s time for Mental Poo-Looza!!
What’s Mental Poo-Looza, you ask?
Well sit right down there my hairless Portuguese leprechaun (wtf?) and I’ll tell you.

Mental Poo-Looza:

If you see ANY fake concerts this year:
“Mental Poo-Looza” is the ONE fake concert you should NOT miss.
(Holy crap…I wrote that and I still don’t understand it)

Mental Poo-Looza is:

A groundbreaking idea to celebrate the brain farts known to the thousands of psychotic readers as:

Mental Poo-Looza is:

A fake concert of such GREAT MAGNITUDE,
that it will make Woodstock look like an overpriced William Hung concert.

That may be redundant.

Mental Poo-Looza is:

A collection of bands carefully pieced together from the Midget Man of Steel himself.
Each performing band was deftly created from the:

This would be a great name for a rock band

Just check out the line up!!

(click to enlarge):

You’ll find:
Metal Jew
Love Cheese
Tiny Sexy Death Machine
The Kick Ass Angry Clowns
The Rolling Homeless
Little Boy Fat Tits
..and many more!
Mental Poo-Looza is:

Your chance to buy some really cool merchandise.

(Like you didn’t know that was coming.)

But most of all:

Mental Poo-Looza is me.

Mental Poo-Looza is you.

Mental Poo-Looza is:
…the skinny version of Jessica Simpson if she would just OMG OMG shut her friggin’ yap
and you had no idea that she was a goddamn idiot.
I have no idea what any of that means.

Mental Poo-Looza.

Live it.

Love it.

Display it.
Not necessarily in that order.

Except for the ‘buy it,’ ‘wear it’ part…
…because if you did it the opposite way, I think that constitutes stealing.



That sounds kinda gross.

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